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Trump a disaster ? Maybe not for investors ?


Chesterton Grants Brewin Dolphin Portfolios have performed extremely well !!

Brewin Dolphin’s view of what the future holds after the Trump victory. Key points for investors from Trump victory

  • Considered more positive for business generally
  • US equities more likely to outperform rest of world under Trump than Clinton
  • Trump likely to unveil pro-business approach to regulation and fiscal stimulus.
  • Banks and large energy companies likely to benefit most immediately
  • Large healthcare stocks likely to suffer as Trump supports the import of cheaper generics

    In general there is relatively little that was preferable about a Clinton Presidency which is appealing to investors.

     By contrast there was a reasonable amount which would appeal to investors by a pro-business republican if it were presented by a less abrasive character than Donald Trump.
  • We suspect that investors will develop a degree of acceptance of the new President and will focus particularly on the prospect of some meaningful fiscal stimulus. Over the medium term there is much to learn about the character of Donald Trump as a sitting President but from an investors’ perspective the features of his tenure are likely to be much more positive than the market’s performance during the campaign would imply.

  • These are the views of Guy Foster who leads Brewin Dolphin’s Research team ensuring that a rigorous and exhaustive investment process is employed. He also provides recommendations on tactical investment strategy to Brewin Dolphin’s investment managers and strategic recommendations to the group’s Asset Allocation Committee which directly affect  some of the portfolios Chesterton Grant recommend.