Full independence to search the entire financial market

The value of a broker

As world cup fever grips the country I find myself quite excited about tonights game v Uruguay...Round to friends for a few beers and watch the game, which starts at 8 and will finish at 9.45. One hour and 45 mins including half time...

Why do I mention this?

Well , a recent clients experience of trying to arrange a mortgage through his local building society lasted 5 hours..An experience he never wants to repeat..This is a situation that is becoming all to common as building society advisers scroll through their endless list of questions before embarking on the search for the most suitable mortgage based on their rather limited product range.

Now I am not saying that a broker will not ask you more questions than previously, but at least they will be personable and not from a pre ordained script from head office.

As independent mortgage brokers our service will at least be flexible in its approach, even allowing you to complete these questions in the comfort of your own home , or at least allowing you to leave the office once your goals and objectives have been established and the type of mortgage preffered.The independent research conducted by a broker at least means you will be offered the most suitable deal from the whole of the market.

The moral of the story is that in most cases you will be offered a better service by a broker, receive a more competetive product from a broker and in principle this should all be completed within the time span of an England v Uruguay World Cup game..