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Use it or lose it !!!..Use your ISA allowance 2013/2014

Taxes are high,Interest rates are low.

ISA's offer both tax efficient growth and income.Your allowance has never been more important-use it before the 5th of April or you will lose it forever.

Within an ISA you pay no tax on any gains, no further tax on income, and less tax means higher returns for you.You can withdraw money from your ISA whenever you like with no penalty, and invest for income ,growth or a combination of the two.

With paltry rates of interest being offered on bank and building society deposits as well as cash ISA's investment ISA's may well be a great solution to your dilema..

You are even allowed to transfer your cash ISA's from previous tax years if you are unhappy with the rate of interest you are receiving, without it affecting your allowance this tax year..

Your allowance for this tax year is £11520 per person and you can contribute £11,880 on April 6th to fullfill next years allowance, meaning a couple could effectively shelter £46,800 from the tax man within a few days.

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