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Trump a disaster ? Maybe not for investors ?

  Chesterton Grants Brewin Dolphin Portfolios have performed extremely well !! Brewin Dolphin’s view of what the future holds after the Trump victory. Key points for investors from Trump victory Considered more positive for business generally US equities more likely to outperform rest of world under Trump than Clinton Trump likely to unveil pro-business approach to regulation and fiscal stimulus. Banks...

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Use it or lose it !!!..Use your ISA allowance 2013/2014

Taxes are high,Interest rates are low. ISA's offer both tax efficient growth and income.Your allowance has never been more important-use it before the 5th of April or you will lose it forever. Within an ISA you pay no tax on any gains, no further tax on income, and less tax means higher returns for you.You can withdraw money from your ISA whenever you like with no penalty, and invest for income ,growth or a combination of the two. With paltry...

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So What do I do with my Money.Outlook 2014.

Big Picture Helicopter ViewGenerally prefer equities over bonds, particularly in the longer term scenario. Risk in SafetyEquities and bonds are becoming more correlated. This is making “safe” portfolios a lot more risky. Alternative MenuInfrastructure, real estate and other alternatives are real diversifiers—and offer attractive yields in...

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September investment news

September is a really risky month, so everyone tells us. Go back for decades, and you’ll find that on average, the stock market takes a bath at the start of autumn. And this September, there are loads of reasons to be worried: the taper; Syria; German elections. It’s all true, of course – September could go horribly wrong. But it could also go horribly right. In my view (and I am not one to play down the bearish side...

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