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Chesterton Grant have been advising clients on pensions and retirement planning for over 20 years.

We have in excess of 600 pension and investment clients and our team of financial advisers could provide you with advice on most aspects of retirement planning. All our advisers are fully qualified and experienced in this area of financial planning.

There are predominantly 3 areas of advice required with regards to pensions:

  1. Saving for retirement (this is called the accumulation phase)
  2. At retirement advice (this is called the decumulation phase)
  3. Workplace and business owner advice

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Saving for retirement

Self employed or employees not in any pension scheme will need advice with regards to their retirement planning.

At Chesterton Grant we can advise you with regards to your level of contributions and different options open to you.

We will help project what the value of your fund will be at retirement and what that fund may provide you in terms of levels of income and tax free cash.

We will explain the benefits of tax relief and where your money will be invested in straight forward understandable language.

Had more than one job?

Pension consolidation may be a suitable option where different preserved pensions, commonly referred to as "frozen pensions" can potentially be consolidated into one easily managed, cost effective scheme going forward.

Again we can advise if this appropriate to you and in your best interests.

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At retirement

As you approach retirement getting the right advice is crucial.

At Chesterton Grant we can advise on the various options available to you when taking your pension benefits.

Whether an annuity (secure income), flexi access drawdown or a combination of both is best for you will be discussed together before deciding on the best course of action.

We can advise on accessing your tax free cash, phasing your retirement, the flexibility of being able to vary your levels of income if required, and additionally, how tax will affect your income.

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Business owners and the self employed

As a business owner and employer you will be responsible for setting up and managing a workplace pension for your employees.

Chesterton Grant can help you with the process of setting the scheme up and ensuring the ongoing management complies with government regulations.

We could also show you ways of potentially reducing your corporation tax bill and maximising the tax efficiency of your contributions.

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Trusted Independent Financial Advice from Chesterton Grant

Whichever category you are in we are able to walk you through the pensions maze and explain everything in plain English.

We have years of experience in helping all types of clients in different situation achieve their aims and objectives.

Let us help to take the complexity out of pensions for you.

You should remember though that unit prices and the value of your pension fund can fall as well as rise and there is no guarantee you will receive a return of your original capital, especially in the early years or if you choose to take an income from it. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

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